10th December 2019

Tonight, is the PV of Pasqual Di Ceglia. Pasqual has created a series of body forms from wood and denim. His exhibition is in a pub and initially I am confused as I can’t see any of the work. I find Pasqual and he directs me to the pub garden. I find a wonderful wooden figure sitting on a a table that rests in a pose reminiscent of “The Thinker”.

I am even more impressed with his carpentry skills. There is a delicacy to the figure that I find quite moving. However, I find the denim figure of a small child swinging even more impressive. It encapsulates all the joy of a child being swung by parents. A small note here is that I once dislocated my child’s elbow whilst doing exactly this, and it involved an overnight stay in hospital as the doctor on duty couldn’t reduce the dislocation himself.

Made from denim the piece is superb. Other pieces in the pub are less easy to find as they are much smaller in scale. I completely missed the severed heads by the front door. The seated figures by a high table are overtaken by the visitors to the free wine and pizza. The sewing machine on a table with wooden arms is not as obvious either. However the love for Paqual’s work is obvious, and I’m happy for him to have such success.