11th March 2020

Today was exciting. After my initial attempts at getting into the workshop yesterday, I managed to have more time and space to work with my metal. Having to wait around and dodge the architects is frustrating, but I understand they have deadlines to meet that we fine artists don’t. So today I have Mark to myself pretty much.

We tried bending the 3m lengths of 8mm steel yesterday, but Mark couldn’t find his nifty jig, so had to make another. He demonstrates how to use a MIG welder at the same time. I shall need to use this as well.

I have drawn out the curve I want to achieve on a roll of wallpaper, and we use this to slowly bend the steel to the desired shape. It’s very satisfying to be working with a new material. After we get two pieces into the right shape, I cut the bracing pieces and Mark demonstrates the MIG welder. After my initial trepidation, it looks rather exciting. And it comes together quite quickly. I start to bend another piece of steel and then it’s time to go home. Sadly, this is the last time I will be in the workshop for some time.