14th April 2020

Have gone back to the large plaster teacup and saucer in the hope that I can make something with it. I have all these knitted squares and think that I can cover the teacup with them. However, this is going to use up all the squares and I am not willing to use them all up on this if I can’t work out what the result will be. The teacup is incredibly heavy, and this may be an interesting juxtaposition on the heavy but furry teacup, a bit like Méret Openheim’s  1936 fur lined teacup.

“in the 1930’s many Surrealist artists were arranging found objects in bizarre combinations that challenged reason and summoned unconscious and poetic associations” MoMA.org.

I can see that I could sew the pieces together to hold them in place, but then if I can do that then I might not need to cover the plaster. I could just use the teacup as a pattern to create the teacup in knitted squares. I’m still undecided.