23rd August 2019

A gallery day in Mayfair with a friend. First, we pop in to Mazzoleni to see Nunzio Di Stefano’s work, “The Shock of Objectivity” This is a great show. The artist has created large pieces from charred wood and then lined the edges of the wood with a blue pigment. The result creates great depth within the pieces. Other pieces are on the walls and there are others made from lead that have great texture. The lead pieces are almost in a relief form. I realise that the charred wood is made from feathered fencing, but they have been completely transformed by the process.


Next we visit the Carpenters Workshop Gallery which I haven’t visited before. There is a wonderful chair made from crocheted wool that has been moulded and cast in resin. Given my previous experience with resin I am amazed that this is possible and very impressed. The work is by Marcel Wanders, and when I research this there are cubes and a sofa as well. I am very interested in how this is made. Again, I think this is something I can work with using my mum’s knitted squares.

The Next visit is to Richard Saltoun and the work of Jenny Slinger, “Tantric Transformations”. This was a very female oriented show. Slinger has used collage to represent the female form, but I am amazed to see old photocopy pictures in there, of the old body parts on the scanner variety. There are also collaged images of genitalia among Indian floral patterns, creating the female buddha. In reading the catalogue for the exhibition I am not surprised to see the work Is from the 70’s. It is very much of it’s time. However, the radical feminist period within which it was made is now coming back. I see my younger female artist friends discover the power of their bodies in art, and it feels that in this period of #me too, there is a need for this art to be seen. However, the art being made today embraces the LGBTQ community as well, and that can only be a good thing. I leave thinking this is very timely show. In the catalogue I discover this is part of a 12-month female artist exhibition that Richard Saltoun are staging, and I hope to come back for more.
Around the corner we encounter a pop-up Camden Arts Centre showing the artist Wong Ping, “Heart Digger” Comprised of film and sculpture the work is very South East Asian in style, with cartoon animation and cartoon vinyl sculpture. The space is large as is the work, and it transpires there is more work on show at the Camden Arts Centre. This is enough for me today though. There is a great deal to take in. The films are about unusual animals and a tree and there are subtitles. I’m not sure I understand the issues, but the work is certainly different to anything else we have seen today.