27th April 2020

I am undecided about the merits of the teacup covered in knitted squares, so I have had new ideas. I made the teacup and saucer in padded material and dipped in porcelain last year. The result was unexpectedly good, really transformed. I was working on metal work with the purpose of hanging other domestic items hanging from it. I think I should go back to transformation of objects through material and porcelain. 

Most of my inspiration is from my mother in law, and the most important objects in her life that enable her to function. Next to the ritual of making tea, but subsequently forgetting how to make the tea, her handbag is the next important thing. It has to be the one particular handbag. Sadly, giving her a new one confuses her. She also doesn’t recognise a different bag as hers, and the current one is very shabby, but she doesn’t see this- thinks it’s perfect.

Working from this photo I have created a pattern from paper to make a handbag.

Now I have to cut out the material and start sewing this together.