28th April 2020

I have started cutting out the material and its not easy. It’s an old duvet, so easy to manage in smaller quantities. However, I have it cut our in various pieces and dig out the sewing machine. It’s been a while since I used it and initially it works well. Then the material clogs the machine. There’s too much wadding, and it’s getting stuck in the feeder. I have now learned how to dissemble the machine and clean out the feed. Then once I start sewing, I realise I haven’t screwed the needle in properly, and it comes out and breaks. Now I have to find a new needle and clamp it in properly. Then the needle breaks because there is too much material and I have to find a stronger needle and start again.

This is proving more difficult than I had expected, but I soldier on.

Then I get distracted by a friend from the past who is spending her furlough clearing out cupboards and has come across photos she wants to share. The rest of the afternoon passes in a blur of exchanged photos and memories, and very little sewing