29th March 2020

Have decided to revisit an old project which I started a while ago and then lost interest in. It is a large teacup and saucer made from chicken wire and paper machè, but it has dried out and become a bit of a nuisance hanging around the studio. The paper machè has not been a huge success so I decide to use plaster strips to fix it up.

Fortunately, I have a 25kg bag of plaster to hand, and some old cotton overalls that I can rip up to use. It goes quite well and I’m happy with what I achieve. However by the end of the day I can see this isn’t going to be the end result I was looking for. I have lost sight of the original idea. It was going to be the base for knitted squares and resin and I’m not sure that is going to work any more.

I have also managed to cut my thumb, which then becomes infected the next day. Not great in a time of avoiding people. Fortunately with a bit of attention over the next few days, and soaking in Dettol it clears up.