6th October 2019

Researching artist work to try and understand my current work and find Elizabeth Lide. This Artist seems to be very drawn to the same work as I am. She uses casting in plaster, cement and ceramic to create fragments of the past. Working as an art teacher for many years, she is now a full-time studio artist. She is using found objects that she has kept for many years and using them to make new work. All of her works are therefore full of memories that she feels she is “Dragging them from the past and into the present.” I feel I am doing something similar. Her casting of domestic objects is done with skill. They are then assembled into fractured whole pieces. They are assembled with archive film and speak of the past. I am very happy to have found her.
I also find the work of Julia Holden who is a New Zealand based artist. Her work is very heavily informed by Giorgio Morandi but is taking a new sense of the modern with it. I like her use of shape and texture in the work.