10th March 2021 Tutorial with Si

Discussed with Si previous students work which showed the student reaching out to the father who was inside a different asylum. My work proposal aims to show hands cast in resin reaching upwards toward photos of the loved ones in care homes behind glass, or images of their loved ones or just clasped hands. The proposal is for the hands to be on the floor and the photos to be hanging above them.

The next idea is for the photos printed onto organza to be printed large scale and to be hanging as veils, so people have to walk through them. So far I have managed to print onto A3 size material by my home printer. I can’t scale these up and I need to find out from the textile print technician what is possible. I need to email Gaynor.

The next project is my film. Si watched it and has some ideas. My daughter watched it and felt that it was a memorial. Si is more forgiving but suggested that the cut-aways of old photos are not the best idea. If dementia is about memory loss and Helen repeats herself then small loops would give an idea of the repetition. So use the same music and film her see how she forgets the lyrics. Or start afresh and get footage of her shopping, and then putting things back. Also the conversation loops that we go through.

The footage would then be projected onto large voile or organza curtains arranged to hang from the ceiling in a spiral or maze so that the viewer would be immersed in the confusing world of disorientation.

The footage would be confusing. Skip back and forward from past to present with soundtrack of looped conversation and singing.

Moving forward I have to speak with Alexis to arrange a space to install this. But I also have to install the hands reaching upwards as I have committed to the FB group that I will display their images. So that has to be finished and I can continue with collecting the footage of shopping and recording the conversations alongside. I can work on the two concurrently.