12th November 2020

We have our poster, our Instagram page is getting lots of likes, and we are coming together really well with the exhibition now. I have had to up my insta action as well to generate likes for the exhibition site, so that has been fascinating. I wasn’t really into Instagram and was too shy about putting my art out there, But it seems people really like it and my followers are heading upwards from 100. And they seem to be responding to the exhibition page as well.

We decided to push it back to Jan 1st since we are online and hoping lots of people have nothing better to do but look at our art. It also allows us to tie the theme with the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. It also gave me a bit of a break to finish all my pieces! Quilt is done and now I’m doing one called ‘DNA’ with my mum and dad’s photos. It will be in two lines of photos, one of my mum and the other of my dad. Bound in black satin as my dad is dead, and white because my mum is alive. I think Helen is fine in grey as she is in a kind of limbo state with her mind.