15th October 2020

Meeting held in the library eventually to discuss our exhibition plans.

Joanne is the project manager, and is very good at keeping us on track. I am the curator and I have spent ages researching the role. I have compiled a number of articles to help. I have been waiting for our textbook to arrive but it still hasn’t arrived.

We have agreed on a concept for the exhibition which will focus on loss, the concept of Wabi Sabi, and beauty in the cycle of life, loss and destruction.

I have also been looking at spaces in case we can have a physical exhibition, although that now seems unlikely. We have suggestions about working outside but that won’t work if the weather turns wet. Large spaces are an option , but they seem expensive. There is also the problem of transportation for the works and the public.

I had a concept of low lighting, following on from the Danh Vo exhibition, where the sense of home was created by low lighting and the firelight.

It would be lovely to create something like that in a large space, but again it seems out of the question. We can however film our work against low lighting, if we film it inside. I think we have to work indoors, privately.

Katerina is now our media manager and film editor, and will have to edit the work to get a cohesive look. If we can agree on this then her work will be easier.