17th May 2021

Today the building is finished. I may need to go around and sand bits again but it is all painted inside and out. Now I need to start assembling the installation. I have decided to create a net between the internal windows to place the hands on, a reference to slipping through the security net of wrap around care, NHS care etc. My original plan was to tip the windows onto their side and screw into them that way. But it doesn’t look as if that’s a good idea. My alternative is to get underneath and screw in that way. My arms are too short so I commandeer a plinth and lay it on its side. Then I lie on top of that. 

There are 13 screws in each window. Then I manoeuvre the windows into position and do a clean-up before I start working on tidying up the space. 

I have started putting old fashioned windowlene on to the architecture classroom windows to hide the mess behind. It works well but needs to be thick for it to work.  

The large wall space for the “quilt” to hang on has been taped with brown tape to mask the gaps, but it needs to dry for twenty four hours before painting. 

I have to finish painting the installation windows to cover the primer, and paint the room windows as well, so although it doesn’t seem to be much progress, it’s actually all coming together in time to start setting up tomorrow. I finish by cleaning the windows until they sparkle.