18th March 2021

I have been working on the film and have followed up on the tutorial with Si and started again. This is more of a flashing moving image of everyday objects and then the sound of Helen singing. I hope to keep working on this, but I have been distracted by making. I think I am more comfortable with this and is more true to me as a maker but I can keep working on the film in the background. Gaynor replied to my email about large scale printing and referred me on to Zoe in the textile print room.

HI Caroline,
Gaynor forwarded your email to me re your fabric pieces. In terms of getting fine photographic imagery onto fabric there are a few options – firstly digital – either using the A0 dye digital printer we have here which works in the heat press onto synthetic fabrics, or you get them digitally printed directly onto fabric (outside of the Uni)

Alternatively, if you could use the process of photoetch or photocopy transfer using the beever press in printmaking where you can feed large bits of fabric through the press which I have done before.

The results will be slightly different depending on what you go with.
We can also Screenprint onto large bits of fabric which is quite straight forward, but you will lose tonal qualities of the photo through the process so if you don’t mind have a contrasted image then screenprint may be a good option in scaling up something big.
if you want to book in with me in textiles to discuss you need let me know.

I have cast my hand in alginate and then into resin and although the effect is OK I have been seduced by Jesmonite. I have looked at You Tube tutorials and have now invested in 6kg of Jesmonite.

My plan is to cast as many hands as I can reaching out and grasping the photos I have received which will be printed onto the organza. The organza will be draped over the grasping hands to signify the grasping hands of the relatives who have been prohibited from touching loved ones over the lockdown.

The Jesmonite can be etched to reduce the cement effect and bring out the polished effect of white marble. This appeals because of the association with cemeteries. I did look at alabaster but I can’t work out how to deal with that.

Jesmonite was also the new material in the Design show last year and there are a number of design artists working with it in an amazing way. One artist has incorporated metal shavings into the Jesmonite which has created amazing results.

I have to contextualise the multiple in my writings .