19th May 2021

First job today is to hang the “Quilt” with Mark’s help. With some Velcro on the brackets and then on the other side of the quilt its ready to hang.  

It looks amazing. The space gives it light and energy, and it is far enough away from the wall to appear as if it’s floating upwards. The cotton threads hang lightly down the sides all the way to the floor. These weren’t so obvious when I hung it  for end/begin. On reflection it probably wasn’t the best way to exhibit it, but it fitted with the rest of the exhibition and it looked OK in the photos. However this is an amazing space to show it and I can’t help myself photographing it in different lighting and from different angles. 

I have brought in all the hands I have made and for some reason I have brought in my mum’s knitted squares. They were a last minute grab and I’m glad I brought them. I try them on top of the net to see if that enhances the hands. 

At this point Si arrives. She has a good look around and then we discuss the hanging and installation.  

Si’s opinion is the same as Mark’s. The net and hands in between the windows is not working. The net needs to come out and let the windows have the space to show the textile prints. The windows reflecting the light and the points of view through the outside windows are all that are necessary. I need to install the hands separately so we look at the shelf space that we had identified for them. I have. Covered the remaining display cases with windolene and Mark and I had discussed putting the hands in behind a windowlened case and wiping out some peep spaces to reveal the hands. 

SI thinks that would work. She then plays with displaying the woollen squares on the floor in small and bigger piles. They look great like that and certainly use up the floor space. This would help with the movement of the audience around the exhibition. However the hands look a bit dismembered on their own in the display case. So we try assembling the woollen squares on the shelves with the hands and suddenly it all seems to come together. 

When Mark passes through he likes the assembly. He points out that there is a slight bow in the shelves that make the woollen squares look as if they are really heavy and have caused the shelves to bend. 

It looks as if this is going to be the final display.