21st April 2021 – part 3

I have had the wood delivered for my walls. The design has changed from my proposal. After I considered what Si had mentioned about lines of sight and so considering how to support the windows on the wall I decided to build walls to support them. I considered the concept that I am reflecting how care homes been protecting the residents safe by imprisoning them away from their loved ones and the pain and anguish and real distress this has caused. I felt the only way to reflect this was to build my own walls and put the windows inside. The walls are to be 3m x 3m x 3m. Large enough to be imposing. The three windows will then be on the outside and the viewer will have to look through them to see the other windows, layers of protection and the screens separating loved ones for visiting. And within the windows wil be the textile prints and the hands.

Now I have to build the walls. Daryl has offered help and guidance and suggests we have to make the in smaller pieces as they won’t fit through the doors. So they are being built in 1.5m x3m pieces that can be screwed together in situ and then we can go from there.

Also have the windows transported to UEL.