21st May 2021

This is it. Today is the last day I must make everything look as good as I can. I would really like to get rid of the AV lectern that has been lurking in the corner looking a mess, so I ask Daryl if he can help me make a cover for it. He suggests asking Craig if it can be moved. I can’t find Craig so I ask Garry, but he says no. He will help me make a cover for it in a couple of hours. Then deep joy when Craig turns up and after some discussion, unplugs the bits and boobs and helps me move it into the class next door. Things get even better when Daryl makes a little box to cover the remaining black box, and I can paint it white and it disappears. 

So, I paint the walls, and scrape the floor and paint the inside of the display case. Then go round and tidy and clean everything else. Then I go around and take lots of photos with light on and off.  

The best part of this space is that it is so quiet. I look around the other spaces and find some last-minute panic has set in. Everyone seems happy but busy. I think we have pulled this off! It’s been a joy to see what everyone has managed to achieve. I can’t wait to see the private view.