5th April 2021

Great day for building window supports. Sketched out a basic plan then started cutting wood. Husband on labouring duties and is very pedantic about measuring twice and cutting once. Which is why I need him- I’m too impatient. However he is a bit careless using the saw and so I have to demonstrate my superior technique, soon have the uprights done and then he notices the windows have an inward angle on one side so they won’t fit a straight upright there will be a slight inturn. This is ok but means we have to allow for this on the bottom support sill. The windows are really heavy and he insists that we keep double checking it is all even and straight. This means it takes a lot of slow work to make any progress. He does however accept finally that its quicker to screw them together with my drill screw so we finally crack on.

After we have checked it all again for the umpteenth time we agree that we need to put the feet on. This would have been easier at the beginning as I suggested but we agree to use some MDF I have lying around. This isn’t as sturdy as I thought and we have to put in a supporting foot on top. Im sure there is an equation we can use to decide on the right length but as neither of us know what we are googling for we opt for something that looks right. Its ok but should be longer I think. There is still a bit of a wobble on it. I then celebrate by cleaning the window. Which is when my husband points out that the water will damage the MDF. This is also a problem as I have to store it outside so it will get wet at some point. Need to find a solution soon but for the moment we are done. We finish 6 hours after we started.