6th May 2021

I have to present my installation today so have decided to take in the “Quilt” and “DNA” to see how they look in the space. I’m not sure if I will exhibit them but I may as well get another opinion on that. I have hung the “DNA” from the balcony above the space as Pauline had mentioned it would look better hanging. It looks good as it moves in the air, but the feedback later suggests it looks a bit like a christmas decoration. That’s a bit rubbish but I can see what they mean. Sam, a tutor, suggests it needs more structure and should be self-supporting. I respect his opinion as he is a sculptor. However at this stage I don’t have time to fix it so it won’t be making it into the exhibition. The “Quilt” on the other hand is received better and they like the material and the concept so it makes the cut.

They are all a bit bemused by the super-structure I’m building but admiring of the work.

I am beginning to realise how much work this is going to take, and that help is going to be thin on the ground. We are not allowed to have outsiders in to help, so my plan to have my husband help over the weekends is not going to happen. Fortunately my friend Sarah is in 2nd year and is able to give me a hand and a bit of moral support, although she has her own work to get on with as well. But it’s nice to have her around to chat with and catch up on things. She is also a master at cutting plasterboard with a straight line. All her paper cutting practice is getting put to great use. My cutting leaves a lot to be desired.