9th October 2020

In the home studio working on completion of padded “body” to hang on armature. Proving to be a pain to work with. It’s extremely large and heavy. I had mistakenly ordered 12 kilos of wadding and it’s taking up so much room in my studio that I need to get the boxes out of the space. The best way is to fill the body and get it made.

So now I have realised that they are not going to be able to hang from the armature! This has a life of it’s own and will have to become something else. Not sure what it will become, but good to get it made to this degree and realise that it’s not going to work.

Now I am left with the Photos that are sewn together and to create some sort of skin to cover the armatures with them.

These photos are all about Helen, and that’s fine as that is what I have been working on. But do I make it all about her- or do I use other photos of my dad? Need to think about that.