Ravel is a contranym. It can mean to knit together or to unknit. This piece consists of my mother’s knitted squares, made during her long solitary hours during lockdown. Knitting brings her some time to reflect on her memories. There are nearly one hundred squares made in a variety of colours and materials. Some are stitched together as a long strip, some in the beginnings of a blanket, many more are left in piles. The knitting has no purpose other than passing time. With the knitting are my mother-in-law’s hands, cast in white marble Jesmonite and epoxy resin. My mother-in-law has dementia, and her hands are never at peace. They are usually searching for and playing with a tissue.

This piece hopes to convey the discomfort of ravelling memories for one person, whilst knitting brings peace and comfort in the ravelling of memories for another.

ravel 1
ravel 1
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