14th August 2020

I have collected some old spectacles, some from my mother-in-law and some from eBay. I hope to create something with them, my initial idea being to cast them in resin, but after yesterday’s issues with the alginate I decide to try wrapping them in the glass rods like I did with the key. My first lesson is that although the frames look like metal, they are in fact metal with a strange coating on them which melts and smells horrible when the flame gets to them. The glass lenses also have a plastic coating on them  which melts also. I can’t use a blow torch with these. I then try soldering another pair and they also turn out to have plastic on them.

After watching a you tube tutorial on soldering it seems that the solder I have is not suitable as it’s too fine. I resort to the glue gun and put together a crude circular form. But when I google spectacle art it seems other people are doing an excellent job of crating light shades and even chandeliers with spectacles. No idea how they have the patience for that. I am going to have to rethink this idea.