15th August 2020

Back with the resin as it’s so easy to work with. I have encased a couple of keys in a silicon cube, part of a set I bought that has spheres. These are the shape I really want to work with to create a form that can hang from the metal supports. The keys sink into the cube and when I take them out, they are protruding from the cube which is not ideal. However, the spheres are easy to work with and I mix the resin and pour. There are two types of sphere, on is for making giant ice balls and has a nice pouring funnel attached. The second is from the silicon resin casting set that the cube came from. They both create different results. The ice ball maker creates a cloudy resin, the silicon creates a clear resin albeit with bubbles.

I’m at a loss as to why this has happened but as I’m at a loose end today I play with acrylic paint and create eyeballs, which I then put back into the resin to create the top layer.

I have played with sanding these to remove the mould marks and this has been quite successful.


These are the finished eyeballs.

There are some bubbles in them which is a shame, but not bad for the first experiment. I have a finishing topcoat which may make them shinier. I’m pleased that the sanding worked to remove the mould marks and that the white bubbles on the outside have been concealed with the top layer of resin. I think these will work well. I have now decided to encase these individually in a resin cube, with a view to creating a wall of eyes.

I think this resonates with how I feel at the moment. Constantly being watched over by a Big Brother state that seeks to control us. This is my new project for this time.