17th February 2020

We have to deliver our website for presentation on the 11th March. I am seriously struggling with this, and have asked around. Pia suggested I use WordPress and she could lend me a book to help. As I have been struggling with this since October, it seems useful to revisit this. I started with Squarespace and have been loathe to give up on it as I have paid a subscription. But it seems that squarespace will host a wordpress website. I have messed around with the original template so mush it has turned into a murky brown mess that frustrates my attempts to change it. I think I need to consider changing to wordpress. I also need to learn from my previous mistakes. 
  • Pick an attractive template and not mess with it.
  • Have all my photos in one place and converted ready to use. It seems that I need to do this in photoshop. So now I have to learn how to do that. I have only used photoshop for editing, not played around with it too much.
  • I need to have my written work written in Word. I had been. Writing directly into the website and after a few hours would forget to save everything, click out of the website to get a link or photo, and everything was lost! This has resulted in me losing lots of work, having to redo everything and I’m a stupid fool because I kept making the same mistake over and over again.
  • Consider my artist statement. I will use artist statement generator and try and make it relevant.
I spend today trying to get to grips with this.