19th February 2020

Tutorial with Sue today following the seminar. Todays seminar took an ineresting turn when Najmeh clashed with Kaszia about her work. Or rather her work that she had exhibited in a group event by women fromm Berlin and London. To me it looked like an exciting development for Kaszia, some large scale photo prints of a young woman with no clothes on. Najmeh obviously feels strongly about objectifying women, and the male gaze, and a spirited discussion takes place. Then we come to the elusive Jennifer, whom we have rarely seen

Despite labelling her talk as “Nudity” it becomes clear that she is discussing her drawings and paintings that are more correctly descibed as pornographic. Inn fact one or two elicit a gasp of surprise (horror?). On questioning it seems that her images do in fact come from porn sites, and she is clearly unapologetic. I’m surprised that Najmeh isn’t more objectionable about this content. I find myself getting annoyed with Jennifer for subjecting me to this horror show. She is presenting her previous work alongside her new? work, and it’s not paricularly well done. Michael Pinsky and Sue do a good job of appearing supportive, but I think the rest of us are just hacked off with her attitude.

My tutorial with Sue goes well, and she suggests I should do the work we discussed with the textiles. I think that would be a good idea. I also hang the new heads to dry and photograph.