19th March 2020

Yesterday it became clear to me that we are not going to be able to keep coming to university. Travelling on public transport is not safe if there is a highly contagious virus going around. My daughter scared us when she told us of the briefings that she had been in as a doctor in a large London hospital. This is going to be as bad as it gets. I have been trying to stay positive, but I think I’m calling it a day. After waiting for husband to finish work we drive out to uni to collect my stuff. I have forgotten how much of it there is! After wrapping in bubble wrap and putting things in boxes, my husband points out how ambitious I have been in trying to pack all this stuff into our car. He suggests we hire a van and come back tomorrow.

I’m struck at how much work the third years are making now that their degree show is looming, and how unlikely we are to have an exhibition. There is some seriously good stuff going on.

When I come back the next day to pack up the University have announced they are closing. We just manage to. Get everything into the van before the security team come around to close at 6pm. There are some disbelieving protests. I am feeling very lucky as we head off, and so very sorry for everyone who hasn’t collected their work. I’m fortunate that we had just booked a storage space last week which is empty. It was supposed to hold our Edinburgh house belongings, but now it is my artwork. Goodbye workshops! Hope to get back to you very soon.