28th July 2020

Fired with new enthusiasm, I revisit the resin that I have in my studio. It turns out to have gone off, which is an expensive lesson. However, it was extremely toxic to work with, and had a high exothermic reaction. I had to use it under extraction in university, and pour only small amounts, 600ml at a time, which made my large resin cube take a very long time to make. Because of this, I had ordered an Eco resin, but had forgotten about it. I make two small cubes with it, and test paper coated in dilute PVA to see what results occur. It takes about 36 hours to cure so to keep the paper encased in the cubes I have to keep popping back and forward to make sure they haven’t risen to the top. However, they are successful enough to make me want to return to resin work. The Eco resin also is much less toxic to work with, virtually no smell, and no obviously high exothermic reaction. It is also supposed to degas easily, but on inspection there are definitely bubbles in there. You tube provides a solution, suggesting bubbles are reduced by using a blow torch. I order a small cook’s blow torch to try it out.