4th March 2020

Working on my essay for Contextual Studies for the past few days. I have done a lot of reading and printing out of articles. I have commandeered the staircase as a bookcase and set myself the challenge of getting this done in the next few days. Despite diligently attending the lectures and making notes, I failed to read the set essay questions properly. I had thought that there would be one question on each of the lectures, but it seems there isn’t one on Time. I had been sure that there would be one and I could adapt it to fit with my work and memory. I have subsequently discovered that there isn’t one. Fortunately, in my tutorial, Linda has helped me come up with a title “What can we learn from artists who interpret memory?”

I have learned a great deal in my readings and discovered some wonderful artists. The whole experience has actually been of great interest and value. I have neglected a lot of things while I have been reading and will have to take some more time out to write this. So, I am happy to make a start now.