Caroline Nugent

Caroline Nugent is a London based multi-disciplinary fine artist working with a variety of materials to create sculptural forms that invite the viewer to reflect on their own memories, perspectives on family life and what it means to become old today.


Her mixed media artworks transform everyday domestic objects, often creating several identical works, using traditional casting and hand-building methods to create pieces in porcelain, clay, resin and bronze. Old family photographs and textiles are incorporated into the artwork, creating sculptural forms that reference personal memories and family bonds.


The artworks reflect on the comfort derived from domesticity and the diminishing importance of the outside world when the stability of self is overwhelmed by a loss of mental capacity. Impermanence and loss of loved ones, memories, and identity are themes that dominate.


The fragility of the material often becomes a metaphor for the fragility of the individual and identity. Transforming objects and material creates a dialogue with the viewer about the importance of home and family. Collectively the works speak of confusion, isolation, memories and memory loss.


Recent works have been exhibited in an online exhibition “end/” in collaboration with three other female artists.


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