11th May 2021

Another day of filling the plasterboard gaps and now I’m adding wooden finishings to the windows. I had not thought about this until the windows were in place. I had hoped I would just fill the gaps with filler but they just didn’t look as sharp- or right somehow. So I have had to buy some angled wooden pieces to put round the frames and they look much better. Fortunately David in the woodwork workshop introduced me to a nifty, rather old and very sharp, wood angle cutter. Mark kindly pointed out that he had used the machine when he was a student here, back in the day-about 25 years ago. It’s a handy thing but there is a knack to using it and I have only a limited supply of the wooden trim. I’ll need to get more I think.

I also get to spend some time watching Katarina burn her paintings, which is amazing!