1st December 2020

The day of the photoshoot is here. We arrive at University at 10am and start the clearance of the room and setting up the exhibition. Fortunately Joanne and Katarina had brought their pieces in on Friday, and Alex had never been able to take hers away so it’s just mine that have to come in. We have brought lights and hired a set of lights from the store, so we quickly get the lighting established. The works are arranged and we are ready to start filming. Fortunately there aren’t many people around. However the HVAC in the room is over zealous and is blasting onto the DNA piece, blowing it around and damaging it. We get hold of the maintenance guy who states the baffle is missing but he will find a replacement. It takes a while before he is able to fix it. Even when it’s fixed it is incredibly noisy.

We had asked for help from the photography students to film the exhibition and one of them, called Mamun has been kind enough offer his help. He talks through what we want with Katarina and we leave him to get on. We also take a lot of our own photos but no video. This was a mistake as when we review the footage later he has shot at the wrong angle and there is lots of deep shadows of people in the background.. Also shots of the lighting and crap at the back of the room. We are hopeful that this can come out in the editing, but Katarina is trying to do this on an app on her phone so I’m not hopeful she will manage. The noise from the HVAC is so loud we can’t do the voice over we were planning and we will have to do it afterwards.

Our interviews that we are filming are scary. No matter that we know and like each other, and that we have written our answers out beforehand, when we are under the glare of the video we are constantly looking at our notes and reading them on camera. I’m hopeful this will be edited too.

We finish the long day hoping we have enough footage to make something amazing.