2nd December 2020

It seems we were too hasty in packing everything away. When we looked at the photos and video from yesterday it is really poor. Mamun has shot everything from the wrong angle, and captured cables, feet, lights and deep shadows of people on the walls. The results are rubbish, and we should really go back and redo, but we have lost time. Katarina is going to have a tough job editing this. Joanne is busy with the website and Alex is busy ramping up the promotions and invites so I offer to help Katarina with the photos editing. This I can do- I have no idea how to edit video. My photoshop skills are basic but I can make the photos much better editing our cabling and lights etc.
Katarina is still trying to edit video on a phone. She eventually calls Mamun for advice and he offers to do it for her. That’s a relief.