6th January 2021

Today we have to present on our roles in the exhibition to Pauline and Sharone. We had to upload all our files from our personal exhibition file and transfer them all over individually. That took ages and I’m glad I started early with that. Teams is very slow and the files were very large. The presentation in the end is very supportive and it’s only 25 minutes or slightly over so not too arduous. Now I’m at a loss as to what to do creatively.

I have to find a way of packing the quilt away without damaging it as I am sure I will use it again. I ordered a mountain of packing materials. In the end, despite packing it flat it’s not practical. Its almost 3m x 2m when I’m done, and there’s no way of transporting that. I and up rolling it very loosely in a mountain of hive paper and protecting it with cardboard.