9th November 2020

Playing with a lot of stuff for the exhibition. We have to caption our work for hearing impairment and Katarina is using apps. I have looked at YouTube tutorials and it seems quite easy so I have a go. It seems I have to work on YouTube studio which is easy enough. But to let people see my work I have to share it with them on gmail, which we aren’t using. So I make the video public on YouTube, which is a bit scary. But there is nothing there that I’m bothered about. It’s a video of me sewing!


You’re welcome, world.


I am also trying to make feet for my work. The metal stand is a bit unstable, so I use my original resin sphere moulds to make plaster spheres as feet. That works out quite well and I cover them in paverpol tinted black and some copper powder to tone in with the rusty metal. It takes ages for the paverpol to dry, and then fixing them to the stand with my trusty PVA also takes ages. But it works eventually.