13th August 2020

I’m keen to further experiment with the resin and have invested in both alginate and a thermo plastic which melts in boiling water. After my success with casting the knitted squares in wax from alginate prior to the bronze casting process that never took place, I’m keen to see if I can cast the knitted squares in resin. 

My first trial is with this new thermo plastic Mouldphorm from Easycomposites. It’s certainly easy to heat up and mould, but although it takes a good mould, the wool sticks to it. 

I’m not overly concerned as this is my first trial, but when the resin is cured, I melt the mould to get it off and the resin has poured so thinly that it disappears with the plastic. Not a success.

My nest attempt is with the alginate. Previously using the alginate, the wool stuck so I have prepared the wool by dipping it in dilute PVA and letting it dry. The texture remains good and the detail is all there ,so I try the alginate. This was an art alginate from Esprit Composite with good reviews. It is awful and turns to a fragile solid on setting. I wonder if I have the mix correct and try again, but it is so bad. What a waste of money. The previous successful alginate was a dental compound which cured to a pliable rubbery density. Unfortunately, this isn’t so easy to get hold of and I order another from another art supplier.