21st March 2020

We are in imminent threat of lockdown so today we go for a walk in the spring sunshine. One of our favourite spots is Abney Park, in Stoke Newington. There are lots of rambling paths through this old cemetery and I always enjoy spotting the unusual names or reflecting on the family plots. Today it seems more poignant as you look at families that died on dates very close to one another. They were victims of war, but as we look at the rising death tolls in Italy and Spain, I wonder what our gravestones will tell people? I think there might just be one large memorial, I’m not sure there will be enough space for us all.

On a lighter note, I found a new “Den” I have been photographing dens for a while now and was looking to use them for a print series. That’s on hold until I can get to a print room, but I can still photograph them. This one is a bit basic, and I usually add my own my own efforts to the pile. So, after adding a few branches it looks a bit better.