18th May 2021

Time is marching on and today is the day I have to start assembling the work. Si is coming in tomorrow and I would like her opinion on the piece.  

I start by hanging the textile on the windows. They look great. They are lovely splashed of colour in an otherwise bleak space. The textiles hang well, but there is a lot of static that makes them cling to the windows. I love that they are so transparent, as if fading away. But if you look at them from the other side the colours and detail are there to be seen. They really look as if they are looking out of the windows. 

Next up I paint the big wall and ask Mark if he will help me hang the brackets that he so cleverly made. They are so minimalist and I can’t wait to get the quilt up in the space.  When I used it in the end/begin exhibition it looked good but I think in this space with bright daylight it will look so much better. 

I also create the wire net for the hands. I’m not sure about this after I have done it. I put the hands on the wire net and photograph them. They make for good photos but they are not sitting well. There needs to be more “net” to support them. I am going to think about this a bit more. 

Mark comes in to have a look and gives me his opinion. The windows and the textiles are great, the reflections are amazing and multi-faceted. The net and the hands are taking away from the windows and should be ditched. Well that’s sorted, I will check with Si tomorrow but I’ll probably go with Mark’s suggestions.