21st February 2020

Today I’m back in the print room to see what I can achieve. I have bought some lovely paper, Somerset Velvet and Smooth, and 2 sheets of Arches. The paper has torn edges that I like but, as they are A2, I don’t know how to cut them down to size and keep the edges. Glenn has the answer, and it is simple- just tear the paper rather then cut it. We work on a number of printing techniques as well as embossing. On my first embossing I have achieved a grey tint in some places that give an ethereal quality to the print. However because it was a mistake I have no idea how to replicate it. Glenn has a technique to rub ink onto the embossing with the pad of my thumb, but it isn’t the same. I will have to keep trying. I have also been looking at Paul Charlton’s work. http://www.paulcharlton.co.uk and he is incredibly helpful with technique one his instagram page. He now seems to be exhibiting quite a lot with Edinburgh Printmakers, and working as print technician at Edinburgh Art College. And still teaching Pilates, which is how we met. All in all, I think the print making is quite useful for my creative process. At least I can play around with it.

I have been asked to submit work for an exhibition that a friend has told me about. It has to be no bigger than 1mx 1m, and the work I was thinking of is bigger than that. But I think I could print or emboss it instead which would help. I need to prepare a plate before next Friday so that I can get on with it next week.